We Employ Advanced Technology in Teaching You to
Play our Wonderfully Traditional Course

“Jon DePriest is well-versed in tailoring his instruction to the needs of his students.” -Malcolm E. Green

Jon DePriest, PGA Director of Golf, says, “I try to stay as up-to-speed on new teaching philosophies and principals as I can. I adopt these philosophies that we're going to work in three areas: the golf swing, your fitness and golf course management. The objective of the lesson to create an environment for you to learn using the means and methods necessary to accomplish your goal.” Jon is ably assisted by J.T. Barras, our PGA assistant professional.

We use golf swing video technology which gives us the ability to share with you concrete, video analysis of your swing.

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Swing Efficiency

Swing technique and style is as unique as a player's fingerprints. At TPI, we utilize our proprietary MRI motion capture system to develop a three-dimensional figure of your golf swing including all of the rotational speeds of your body.


Equipment is a key component to developing a repeatable technique. The best players in the world rely on Titleist's renowned fitting specialists to ensure their equipment matches their unique launch conditions. Our team evaluates your golf ball, club and shoe requirements and provides fitting recommendations that produce results.

Growing the game is our priority

Our Junior Golf program is very successful! The children and grandchildren of our members take to the golf course with the same enthusiasm as their elder examples, and we couldn't be happier! Youth participation is a healthy sign for the grand old game of golf that we love! We have up to 100 Juniors in our program, a very healthy sign!

They are split into to participatory programs:

Junior Program plays every Wednesday throughout the summer. At the end of the season, they can take part in our annual Junior Club championship. Our Juniors participate in wonderful, competitive Gateway PGA Junior programs — and prove their mettle! We've had several golfers move up the ranks, including a “Player of the Year” now and again!

Tiny Tour is a five-week program that takes place on Sunday afternoons, for kids six and under, giving the tykes a positive golf experience. “We may lose them at some point to soccer or baseball,” says Jon DePriest, “but we want them to remember this and come back to golf!”

Clinics and instruction are given, then the kids are welcome to play the course with adult supervision (parent/grandparent). The Tiny Tour may be more fun for those watching than participating – it's hard to tell some days!

Our PGA staff is dedicated to the commitment of providing a positive, wholesome and FUN environment.